December 17, 2014 – Last Day at 199 Water – Bye Window

Last day photo number nine.

Goodbye trusty window. Thanks for all the nice views.

This is the end of the views from 199 Water Street, though I will continue updating this same blog with some views of where I happen to be doing work on any given day.

To learn about this series, please check out the first post.


I recommend clicking through to the full photo rather than just looking at the cropped preview photo, but it’s your life, so you can do whatever makes you happy. I have included some fun gifs, songs, or videos to help convince you it’s worth a click through.

If you’d like to work backwards, start from this photo, but keep in mind the quality of my cell phone camera will also go down.

If you’d like to work from the oldest to newest, click here to get to the first page or just hit “Next” until you can’t hit “Next” anymore and you’ll get to the beginning.

A lot of these are fairly low-quality versions of cell phone photos. I do have high quality versions of the later photos on hand. Occasionally people ask about prints, so if you happen be interested in a particular photo, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.



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