I once entered a pie eating contest solely because I wanted pie. I lost, but I sure did enjoy that pie.

My name is Stacey Molski. I am from New Jersey (and will always love it) and currently live in Los Angeles with my boyfriend and a bunch of trash succulents that we rescued from getting thrown out. Someday I will also write “and a perfect bandanna dog named Jamboree,” but until then, please let me pet your dogs.

I work at a great listener-supported podcast network called Maximum Fun, where I mostly do marketing and communications stuff and help out with our annual pledge drive. It is nice to work at a place that makes stuff I care about, with people I genuinely like.

My work friend and real life friend Danny and I do a very dumb, but fun, video series where we try to crush different candies with our fingers. You can probably crush a candy with us if you want to.

Other than that, I fill up my time with rock climbing, comedy shows, concerts, friends, photography,  a weekly club that watches the reality television show Survivor, occasional D&D, playing the less stressful part of one-player video games, and trying to figure out what to eat for dinner.

I was Miss Wafel 2011.